Every Penny You Donate on This Page will Support the Projects we Run at Ilkley Thingery. 

Ilkley Thingery depends upon donations to keep going - donations for borrowing Things, donations for repairs at our Repair project, and donations for use of the Thingery for workshops and meetings. To help us as we develop these parts of the Thingery, Beyondly has paid for our rent for the first three years of our existence, and for one year they funded our energy costs and a part-time project manager to get this project off the ground.

By providing free or very low cost borrowing, Ilkley Thingery provides people on a low income access to Things they might not otherwise be able to afford. We provide volunteering, learning and training opportunities for organisations and people at the Thingery. We promote and encourage resource sharing in the hope that this will encourage us all to buy fewer Things, and get more use from Things by learning how to care for and repair them.  

We would GREATLY APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT so that we can continue to do these things, and develop our project to do more. By giving money to Ilkley Thingery, you can help us continue to provide a wide range of items for our members to borrow, and support our goal to create a more resourceful and sustainable community in Ilkley and beyond.

Donations made via this page do not provide a membership - find out how to become a member of Ilkley Thingery via this link.

Your Donation made here help us meet our running costs, and perhaps more; your donation can make a big difference in helping us achieve our goals and ensuring that we continue to be a valuable resource within our local community.

THANKS SO MUCH - For Reading, and for Your Support!

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