Become a Member to Borrow Things from Us:

To Become A Member: 

Please note: If you only complete the first part of this process, you will not be a member of the Thingery. Registering with us without selecting a membership provides you with no access to the library or other benefit. 

  • 2.   Then Select a Membership Type -  Follow the link in your email, received after Registering with us, or sign in to your account on our website and add a membership to your account.

Once you're a Member, you can Borrow Things from us.

    • Use the search box or menu to search our stock for something you'd like to use.
    • Reserve the Things you want online or in the Thingery.
    • Call in to collect.

    * You need to be a Member of the Thingery Before you can Borrow from us, to Provide Insurance Cover.

    What Membership Types Do You Offer?

    The following membership types are available:

    • SUPPORTER - Premium  £100 /Year.   

                For people who want to provide extra support for this project, so that we can establish firm roots in our community. For less than a             cup of coffee each week you can help secure the future of the Thingery. You will receive 25% discount on borrowing, and special             offers on  workshops. 

    • SUPPORTER - Plus  £50 /Year. 

                For people who want to provide extra support for the Thingery whilst we establish firm roots in our community. Your membership             fee will help to secure the future of this community project. Or, for people who think they will use the Thingery regularly - this             membership gives you a 25% discount on borrowing fees.

    • SUPPORTER - Basic.   £20 /Year. 

                If you can give a little more than the Individual-Basic, this membership allows you to do that. 

    • INDIVIDUAL - Basic.   £10 /Year. 

                For people who think they won’t borrow very often, or if you're on a tight budget, an Individual Membership allows you to use the             library on the occasions you want to borrow something from us.

    • CONCESSION.   £2 /Year.   

                For students and people on low income benefits, the Concessionary Membership offers 75% discount on borrowing costs for             everything in our library. This membership hopefully makes the Thingery accessible to everyone who'd like to borrow from us.

    • One-Off.  £5.   

    If you're visiting Ilkley, or want to try us out, the One-Time Borrow membership allows you to borrow something once from us. If you like the Thingery, you can then upgrade to one of our other membership types. 


    • Our membership fees are the main source of revenue for Ilkley Thingery, so please become a Premium Member or a Supporter Member if you can.
    • We need to have contact details for everyone who uses the Thingery, and so we ask for these when you register with us. 
    • We are not yet offering a Family Membership, because we need an individual to be responsible for the Thing they have borrowed: see our Borrower's Agreement and Liability Waiver for details.

    Page last updated: 07/05/2024.