To Become a Member of Ilkley Thingery - Please complete this 2-Step process:

Registration - Step 1.

Select a Membership - Step 2.

Step 1. Complete the Registration Form below.

This sets up your login details which you will need to be able to reserve and borrow Things. 

Step 2. Select a Membership Type

When you submit your registration form, you'll be sent an email that: 

  1. Confirms your login details
  2. Includes a link - click on that link to select your membership type. You need to do this before borrowing from us.


We would greatly appreciate it if you could become a premium supporter - we need the backing of the Ilkley community to secure the future of this project. Your membership will help Ilkley Thingery to grow and thrive. 

To reserve and borrow a Thing you must become a member.

Once you've become a member simply find what you need in the catalogue, reserve the item online and come to the Ilkley Thingery during our opening hours to collect it. If you have any questions or concerns, our friendly staff and volunteers are always here to help.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Ilkley Thingery!

You can browse our catalogue without registering, to see what items we have available. Please become a member and borrow Things from us.